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An Investment Strategy Designed for Today's & Tomorrow's Markets


This calculator helps you determine either how long or how much periodic distributions can be taken out of an investment before it runs out.

Use this calculator to see how long your investment savings can last once you begin taking distributions.

This calculator can help you determine exactly what it might take to return your to your original investment balance.

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track – and learn how to keep it there.


It is the belief of Texas Capital Management (TXCM) that communication between an investor and their trusted adviser is extremely important.

In addition to our quarterly newsletter, another form of communication provided by TXCM is to provide informative commentary on current and forecasted market conditions.

The commentary is often considered a roadmap of what TXCM may be considering in the management of individual accounts, and only sent when market conditions deem it appropriate.


Choose your financial professional as carefully as you would an attorney or physician — that person will be giving you advice that will affect your future financial well-being. You want someone with whom you can build a relationship of trust over a long period of time. Since nearly anyone can call themselves a financial planner, it is important to choose an adviser who is qualified through training and experience and who puts your family’s financial well-being ahead of personal gain.

Copies of TXCM’s Management Agreement and Firm Brochure (Part 2A of Form ADV) may be requested directly. Please call (281)427-8000

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